Services Offered

Patients are cared for at the Launceston Skin Cancer Clinic by our experienced skin cancer doctors, who have extensive experience in this field.

Some of the non surgical services provided at the clinic include;

  • Both “spot” and full skin checks
  • Preventive (sun sense) educational advice
  • Information on how to self-check your skin for melanoma
  • Monitoring of suspicious lesions and those individuals with multiple dysplastic naevi (abnormal moles)
  • A variety of nonsurgical options for precancerous (sunspots) and cancerous skin lesions. These include cryotherapy (freezing) as well as the use of various creams and gels
  • The utilisation digital dermoscopy with photography options

A variety of procedures can be performed on site. These are usually performed with local anaesthetic. Common procedures include;

  • Punch and shave biopsies (these can be performed where the diagnosis is unclear and assists in determining what treatment (if any) is required.
  • Curette and diathermy. This involves scraping and cauterising. Particularly useful for shallow skin cancers
  • Primary closure or a simple elliptical removal. This is the most common form of surgical removal.
  • Skin grafts & flap reconstruction are reserved for more challenging large or specially located skin cancers e.g. nose, ears.