Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our aim is to keep you updated with the latest advice and information regarding COVID-19 and what you will need to know about visiting our practice.

Please check in regularly to keep up to date with new information.

Should I postpone my skin check and/or procedure?

The Launceston Skin Cancer Clinic fully supports State and Federal Government initiatives to self-isolate and remain at home unless attending to essential services.
This directive has resulted in some uncertainty from patients who are wondering whether they should keep their booked appointment with us.
The information below aims to provide some guidance as to whether routine skin-check appointments should be kept.

Medical services are certainly classified as an essential service, but what about skin-checks?

We know that skin cancer is the most common cancer in Australia.
The diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care of patients affected by skin cancer is indeed considered essential.
Serious complications can occur as a result of a delay in any of these.

Patients who have an increased risk should keep their skin check appointments wherever possible.

High risk patients include;

  • Patients with a history of skin cancer
  • Patients with a family history of skin cancer
  • Patients with a new or changing mole, or one that they are concerned about
  • Anyone who’s been told to return for monitoring of a specific lesion over the coming months by one of our skin doctors or a GP

At this time, routine skin checks are not recommended for low risk, asymptomatic patients. 

These patients are encouraged to rebook now to avoid further delay when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
While we can’t be sure of the exact date, we currently suggesting anytime from August 1st.

Is the Launceston Skin Cancer Clinic a safe place to visit?

We are taking every precaution to ensure our clinic remains a safe place for patients who do need to keep their appointments.

  • All patients and visitors to our building are screened for cold or flu symptoms and are not permitted to enter during business hours.
  • We are also taking temperatures at each entrance of our building to identify patients who have a fever
  • We have removed all magazines and toys from out waiting room and chairs are spaced apart in accordance with social-distancing guidelines
  • General hygiene and Infection control is (and always has been) a critical component of our daily operation

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.


Below is an open letter to our Premier, Peter Gutwein.

 ‘Tasmania’s 3 Step Plan to be COVID Free’.
If you would like to show your support for these actions, please like our facebook page and comment YES to the post to help provide a clear message Tasmania is behind him to take the actions needed now. #COVIDFREETAS

From Friday 13th March, patients and visitors attending the Launceston Health Hub will have their temperature taken upon entering the building.

Updated Thursday 12th of March

Please don’t be alarmed

According to the Chief Medical Officer of Australia, a great majority of people with COVID-19 infection (>80%) have mild disease, not requiring any specific health intervention.

This mild disease contributes to the high transmissibility of the virus, as many people with infection will continue working and interacting with the community because their symptoms are so mild.

The greatest concern remains the relatively small number of cases with severe pulmonary disease, some with a fatal outcome.

What we know

  • We are now seeing community transmission of Coronavirus within Australia.
  • People will be infective before they are diagnosed.
  • The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is not the same as the number of active cases.


  • We have a responsibility as a medical practice to help “slow the spread” of the virus in order to assist our hospitals in being able to treat sick patients with limited resources.
  • A significant number of our patients are considered to be high risk if exposed to the virus
  • As the traditional flu season approaches, we are conscious of protecting our doctors, nurses and administrative team to ensure we can remain open and continue to provide quality healthcare.

We hope for understanding and patience during this process.

Important Changes to Our Practice

Updated Thursday 12th March, 2020

On the 11th of March 2020, COVID-19 has been classified as a Global Pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

We wish to provide an important update to you regarding some significant changes to our clinic which we are implementing to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and the broader community.

Effective from Friday 13th of March 2020, ANY patient who has cold symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat will not be seen between 7am – 6pm weekdays and before 1pm on weekends. 

Patients who present to the clinic during this time will be re-booked for a dedicated clinic which we are currently running weekdays between 6pm-9pm. Patients will be asked to wear a mask and doctors will be wearing full protective clothing including a mask, protective and a ‘coverall’.

To ensure minimal exposure to other patients, bookings are required. Please call 03 6388 8119 to arrange.

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience that this will cause. It certainly isn’t ideal, but we hope that by adhering to the advice and guidelines of Public Health, we will be able to remain open and continue to provide quality healthcare services to all patients.

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