Dermdoc and Digital Dermatoscopy

Dermdoc and digital dermoscopy (iphone) compatible technology improve the ability to detect skin cancers, particularly melanoma, at an early stage.

They provide magnification and cross polarisation of light, allowing structures beneath the skin surface to be visualised and analysed. The use of such equipment minimises the number of unnecessary surgical removals

Dermdoc uses a camera and computer to examine your skin. Magnification of up to 40 fold and the use of polarised light eliminates glare and makes the top level of the skin translucent. This allows deeper structures to be visualised and specific features can be used to determine the likelihood of the lesion being cancerous (especially useful with moles).

Images of concern can be stored for comparison in the future. Dermdoc can also perform total body photography. Thirty-two sequential images are taken and can be stored by both the doctor and patient for future comparison.

The use of digital dermoscopy is similar in principal to Dermdoc. The portability, superb resolution of images and easy transfer is a great advantage over traditional dermatoscopy.